Ancient Voices: Heroes and Heroines
of the Old Testament

Select one of the characters below and on the back of this handout draw your design for a mask, incorporating into the mask design a few of the symbols and emblems pertaining to your chosen character.



Symbols and Emblems, Identifying Characteristics


A tall, serpentine rod or staff similar to a shepherd's crook, which he used to defeat Pharaoh's magicians and to part the Red Sea; the burning bush, stone tablets, all Passover symbols and the pillar of cloud and fire. (See the books of Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers)


A trumpet and the crumbling bricks of a broken wall, symbolizing his victory at Jericho; also the sun and moon, symbolizing the day they stood still in the sky after his defeat of the Amorites. (See the book of Joshua)


A chariot, an eagle, a lion, an ox, and a man, representing the four faces of the "chayot" or living creatures driving the divine chariot in the prophet's famous vision; wings. (See the book of Ezekiel)


A slingshot, used to kill the giant Goliath; the harp he played for Saul with which he composed many psalms; a crown, symbolizing his kingship of Israel; the Ark of the Covenant, which he brought to Jerusalem. (See the books of Samuel and 1 Kings 1-2)


The apple, the serpent and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. (See Genesis 2-4)


A ewe, a water jar, a well and its cover (circular stone with a hole in the center) (See the book of Genesis 29-36)


Sheaves or stalks of wheat and all symbols of the harvest. (See the book of Ruth)


A crown and the colors purple and gold, representing her royal status; all the symbols of Purim, including gifts, wooden noisemakers (graggers), puppets and clowns. (See the book of Esther)

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