Ancient Voices: Historical Characters of France


Select one of the characters below and on the back of this handout draw your design for a mask, incorporating into the mask design a few of the symbols and emblems relating to your chosen character.


Name Symbols, Emblems, Identifying Characteristics
CHARLEMAGNE Shoulder length gray hair, beard; blue cloak and sword; headband decorated with globe surmounted by a cross; Crown of Charlemagne, a golden, jeweled headband or circlet topped with four jewel-encrusted fleur de lis.
JOAN OF ARC Helmet; Croix de Lorraine, a two-barred cross; flames; a sword with flames; Jeanne d'arc Coat of Arms, a crown or golden ring centered above an upright sword flanked by two white fleur de lis on a blue background.
LOUIS XIV Long, thick, cascading curls of dark hair, pencil-thin mustache; ruffled lace cravat; Coat of Arms, three golden Fleur de lis on a blue background; crown with emeralds, sun emblem.
MARIE ANTOINETTE Big hair-white, towering wig dressed with pearls, feathers, jewels, etc.; the French Blue diamond of the crown (later recut into Hope Diamond) fleur de lis, symbol of French monarchy.
LOUIS XVI Powdered wig with tight curls at side of head, triangular hat with feathers decorated with fleur de lis , a four-pointed, pommel-pointed star medallion; crown, scepter; the Phrygian "red cap" or "bonnet rouge," potent symbol of the French Revolution-when the king was forced to sign the constitution, popular prints were doctored to show Louis wearing it.
NAPOLEON Bicorne (two cornered) hat, Napoleonic Coat of Arms or elements from its design, including the following symbols: eagle, bee, hand of justice, scepter, Imperial crown, Imperial mantle and the Legion d'honneur, a five-pointed, pommel-pointed star in white enamel with a profile of the Emperor at its center.

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