Greek Mythology
Recommended Reading List

     Books by Kate Hovey
         1.  Arachne Speaks, Illus. Blair Drawson,
               Margaret K. McElderry Books, New York, 2001.
         2.  Ancient Voices, Illus. Murray Kimber,
               Margaret K. McElderry Books, New York, 2004.
         3.  Voices of the Trojan War, Illus. Leonid Gore,
               Margaret K. McElderry Books, New York, 2004.
     Greek Mythology:
         1.  Barber, Antonia,
               Apollo and Daphne: Masterpieces of Greek Mythology,
               J. Paul Getty Trust Publications, Los Angeles, 1999.
         2.  Climo, Shirley, Illus. Alexander Koshkin,
               Atalanta's Race: A Greek Myth,
               Clarion Books, New York, 1995. 
         3.  Fleishman, Paul,
               Dateline: Troy, Revised Edition,
               Candlewick Press, Cambridge, Massachussetts, 2006.
         4.  Graves, Robert,
               Greek Gods and Heroes,
               Dell Publishing, New York, 1965.
         5.  D'Aulaire, Ingri and Edgar Parin,
               Book of Greek Myths,
               Yearling Books, New York, 1962.  
         6.  McCaughrean, Geraldine,
               Greek Myths,
               Margaret K. McElderry Books, New York, 1993.
         7.  McCaughrean, Geraldine,
               Greek Gods and Goddesses,
               Margaret K. McElderry Books, New York, 1998.
         8.  McLean, Mollie and Wiseman, Anne,
               Adventures of the Greek Heroes,
               Houghton Mifflin, Boston, l989.
         9.  Osborne, Mary Pope,
               Favorite Greek Myths, (hardcover reissue)
               Scholastic, New York, 1991. 
        10.  Osborne, Mary Pope,
               Tales from the Odyssey, Books 1-5,
               Hyperion Books for Children, New York, 2002, 2003, 2004.
        11.  Philip, Neil, Illus. Isabelle Brent,
               King Midas, Little,
               Brown and Company, New York, 1994.  
        12.  Sutcliff, Rosemary,
               Black Ships Before Troy: The Story of the Iliad,
               Delacorte, New York, 1993.
        13.  Sutcliff, Rosemary,
               The Wanderings of Odysseus: The Story of the Odyssey,
               Delacorte, New York, l996.
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