The word Crone comes from the name of one of the
oldest gods of the ancient Greeks--the mighty Cronus (Chronos).

Cronus ruled a race of gods known as the Titans thousands of years ago, and his reign brought about what the Greeks called their "Golden Age". He eventually lost power in a bloody battle with his son Zeus, who became the new sky god. Zeus and his brothers and sisters reigned over heaven and earth from their sacred dwelling place on Mt. Olympus--that is why they became known as the mighty Olympians.

Because Cronus ruled the heavens so long ago, he became associated with the passage of time-- many people today know him as "Grandfather Time". I am named for him because I have lived upon the earth so many years, and I have grown very wise with the passage of time...

Crone means, "wise old woman."


Many other words come from the name of the great Titan Cronus. A few of them are listed below--see if you can match each word correctly with the definitions on the right.

Starting at the top left and working down, read a word and then click on the orange dot preceeding the phrase you believe matches it.


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