In the Classroom,
Library or Auditorium,
your students will explore...
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Greek mythology through storytelling, poetry
and dramatic reading.
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The use of masks in
ancient Greece,
birthplace of the drama
and western theater arts.
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one of the world's oldest art forms
-- over 20,000 years old.
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The transforming power of
the mask in ancient
and modern societies.
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The "voice of the mask" in poetry and drama.

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Ancient Voices: Student Assembly

Description: In this 45-minute interactive presentation, students explore the origins of western theater arts and the 20,000 year-old art of masking. Using the larger-than-life copper masks she makes, the author presents Greek mythology through storytelling, poetry and dramatic, masked performance.

Kate Hovey with one of her masks

Author Kate Hovey with mask of Aphrodite.

Ancient Voices: The Art of the Mask: Part I
Student or Adult Workshop/Lecture

Description: This hour-long workshop introduces students to the 20,000 year-old art of masking. Participants work together to construct a professional quality plaster-gauze "life mask" on the face of a volunteer. Emphasis is placed on the use of masks in ancient Greece, birthplace of the drama and western theater arts. Both ancient and modern mask-making techniques are explored.

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ClassRoom Kudos

"The students are still buzzing... not in four years has there been such a motivating speaker at our school, in any discipline."

Cynthia Blair, Library Media Teacher

"My circulation of Greek myths has gone up 100% since your visit..."

Patty Kenzy, Librarian

"Ms. Hovey's visit to my classroom was wonderful. She motivated my students to be active listeners and encouraged them with their reading."

Mrs. Al-Mulla, 7th and 8th Grade English

"The positive message you sent to our students, that everyone wears masks and the masks change when people change, was well received."

Monica Daly, Principal

success stories image Archer School for Girls Davidson Fine Arts School Lindero Canyon Middle School PORTER MIDDLE SCHOOL GIFTED MAGNET Valley Trinity Elementary School

"Wow! Everyone loved your performance! I had a number of people come up later and say it was the best author visit we've had."

Wendy Osborn, President,
Los Angeles School Library Association

"Thank you for giving 200% of your creative energy and brilliance to Archer! We just finished presenting masks / monologues / poems and the girls did a wonderful job embodying their characters. We have decided on displaying their work on a "wall of masks."

Suzanne Hertzberg, Teacher

"...thank you for your wonderful and awe-inspiring assembly and workshop presentations you did for us. The students were amazed with your larger-than-life masks. Those who participated in the workshops were given an opportunity to think outside the box and create their own mask designs. The students who were the plaster mask models excitedly picked up their masks the very next day! I know this kind of enrichment for our students will help them realize that ancient mythology is alive and well!"

Joy Chung, Library Media Teacher

Ancient Voices: The Art of the Mask: Part II
Hand-held Mask Project

Description: In this 90 minute workshop, students create poster board replicas of the large copper and leather masks used by the author in her performances. Students are guided step-by-step through the design and construction process and shown simple techniques for adding depth and detail to their creations. The finished masks can be used in a number of classroom projects, including Readers' Theater dramatizations and the creation and recitation of persona poems and dramatic monologues.

Masks of the GodsMasks of the goddesses

These hand-held masks were made by ninth grade students at the Archer School for Girls. Visit the 'Archer Exhibit' in the 'Hall of Masks' (left) to see more of their wonderful work.

Hearing Voices Part I: Student Workshop/Lecture

Description: During this hour-long workshop, students are invited to experience the power and magic of poetic voice. Participants read a variety of works by well-known poets and learn to identify the five distinctive poetic voices used to create effective, interesting poems. In the smaller workshop setting, students are asked to bring either a poem they have written or one they admire. In the lecture setting, a follow-up classroom assignment is provided to teachers.

Hearing Voices Part II: The Voice of the Mask

Description: If stones could speak, what would they tell us? Find out during this hour-long workshop exploring persona poetry--poems written in the dramatic, imaginative "voice of the mask." Students complete idea generating exercises, hear examples written by a variety of contemporary poets and work individually to create their own persona poems.

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