crone pic have a mask pic

Students--if you'd like to see your handiwork displayed in my Hall of Masks, please follow the procedure outlined here.


Image must be of mask only--no real faces allowed!

The greatest dimensions of the image must be exactly three inches--no more, no less.

The image must have been saved at 72 DPI resolution in the JPEG format using little or no compression.

Progressive jpegs are not acceptable.

About naming the file:

The name of the file must have these three elements;

1.The persona of the mask (Thor, Athena, Zeus etc.)
2.Your first name
3.Your last initial


There are examples of the naming procedure on the image upload page.

When you are ready to proceed, type in the word-
- (which is the password) into the box which will appear upon
clicking the link below.

Click here.