Aphrodite Talks About
The Venus de Milo
Behind Her Back

Kate Hovey

          Rising from the sea full-grown,
I was made of salt-foam,
pink shell,
crushed pearl.
I shine more brightly than the marble girl
carved in my image so long ago.
How many years? I don't know.
Time has little meaning for me;
a goddess, after all, has eternity
to wander in.
She looks so pale, that mannequin!
White is fine for a lifeless thing;
my cheeks are rosy, warm as spring.
Russet and gold adorn my head,
colors plucked from the sea-king's bed.
Just look into my eyes!
Every shade of sea and sky's
reflected there.
Amber, coral, the jewels I wear;
agate and every blue-green stone
decorate my copper throne,
yet I'm ignored. It's a disgrace!
You mortals adore that stony face,
dismissing me as nothing more
than ancient myth, forgotten lore.
          She is beautiful, but cold:
                Chipped, stained,
while I still have my youthful charms,
not to mention, both my arms.


From ANCIENT VOICES by Kate Hovey, artwork by Murray Kimber, copyright 2002.
Margaret K.McElderry Books, an imprint of Simon and Schuster.

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