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The Pantheon of the Gods offers a wealth of information on practically any topic related to Greek mythology. At this well-organized site you'll find detailed descriptions of every god, hero, monster and giant. Click on "In the Beginning" for a thorough explanation of ancient Greek beliefs regarding the creation of the world, the origins of mankind and the five Ages of Man.

Parthenon Graphics Timelines ....Where History Never Gets Old.  This site contains the most fascinating "Time Lines" of virtually any period in the history of the world.

Check out the J. Paul Getty Museum's online exhibition of ancient Greco-Roman art and take a virtual tour of the Forum of Trajan in Rome. My book ANCIENT VOICES was inspired by my many visits to this wonderful museum.

This is the home page for the Getty's Art Education Web Site. I'm told the site is in the process of being updated, and will include even more educational materials and opportunities. Teachers will find lesson plans here and can arrange for their classes to visit the museum. Students will enjoy the Image Galleries and Exhibitions.

This site offers a wealth of information on Greek Mythology. Take the Fun Fact Quiz, and search the Immortals list. Click on the names to view profiles of each god and goddess.

This site is devoted to the women of Greek mythology, from major goddesses to minor monstresses. View the Gallery, which contains examples of fine art through the ages inspired by Greek myth. Take the "Which goddess are you?" quiz. Entertaining and informative.

View authentically-detailed, hand-carved masks used in modern performances of Greek comedies and tragedies. The work of this talented mask maker is based on years of painstaking research.

This link will take you to the home of Lawrence D. Wood's Fantasy Guilde Studios where you will find a gallery of hand made masks for every occasion. Wood works exclusively in leather, a material used since ancient times. His amazing gallery will surely inspire your own mask making fantasies.

Didaskalia is dedicated to the study of ancient Greek and Roman drama. Didaskalia's online journal keeps track of modern performances around the world. Visit the Study Area to see a 3-D reconstruction of the Theater of Dionysis in Athens, and to learn how the ancients staged and performed their plays. Visit the Agora (Greek for "marketplace") and accept Didaskalia's invitation to exhange ideas with other students and teachers on topics related to Greco-Roman drama and its performance today.

When visiting these sites, please use your browser's back button to return to this page.

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