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1. I am the god of wine and vegetation. My followers threw wild parties in my honor and performed plays about me using masks. That is why I am called the patron god of drama.

2. Because I am so quick and clever in the service of my father, Zeus, I am known as the wing-footed "messenger of the gods." As a newborn baby, I climbed from my cradle and stole a herd of cattle from Apollo.

The god of music and medicine was very angry with me until I invented a new musical instrument and gave it to him. I fastened strings made from the dried sinew of cattle to a tortoise shell and presented him with the world's first lyre. Apollo loved it and instantly forgave me for stealing his cows.

3. I am the goddess of love and beauty. Born from the sea foam floating around the island of Cyprus, I was called "the Cyprian" by many of my followers.

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Neptune, God of the Sea

Who Am I?

(Quiz instructions under this name chart.)

a) First, read questions 1 through 5.

b) Try to guess the answer to each question by using the table above.

Note: If you are totally stumped click here for the answers.

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Some mortals still blame me for the Trojan War, but none of it was my doing. It is true, I did promise the world's most beautiful woman as a bride to Paris, that handsome Trojan prince, but was it my fault she already had a husband?

4. I am known as the gentle goddess who tends the sacred hearth in the council hall of the gods on Mt.Olympus. I am so shy and quiet, no mortal has ever seen my face. As a result, no statues of me were ever sculpted, no pictures ever painted, no coins ever stamped with my image. I am the goddess of all hearths everywhere.

5. I am known as the warrior goddess of wisdom, having sprung fully grown from my father Zeus's head dressed in full battle gear and brandishing my golden spear. I am also known as the patron goddess of crafts and all useful arts. I punished prideful Arachne by changing the young girl into a spider after losing to her in a weaving contest.



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